Hottest Trainer 2014: Hottest Trainer Contestant #6: Liu Gross - Yahoo News

August 26, 2014

At ENRGi Fitness, a typical day is packed with "clients, emails, classes, and smiles 'til the sun goes down." This isn't including the 5am wake-up and 6am workout, just FYI. Outside of fitness, he claims that "iTunes and I are very close," and also loves to balance out a fitness-fueled week by hanging out with his girlfriend and their DVR. In Liu's opinion, Mixed Martial Arts requires the "most well-conditioned athletes," so that's how he keeps himself and others in shape. "What we see resource in the mirror and how we physically feel are just about the only things we have real control over," he says. "So many things in life work against people taking that control, and I love, love, love contributing to them taking it back. Little do they know that their effort, drive, and trust in me is something I hold dear." If you train with Liu and notices that he moves like Jagger, chalk it up to a high school job working at Chuck E. Cheese as...Chuck E.
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